Laying it out for the entire world to see

We’ll go all out for you here at INTERMUNDOS. Right to left, left to right or top to bottom: INTERMUNDOS has many years of experience in incorporating various script languages into different layouts.

From Chinese and Thai through Hindi and Hebrew to Russian and Arabic, we’ll make sure that your translations look good as well as sounding good. We work with a huge suite of fonts, both Latin and non-Latin, and work them into your specified layout.

From catalogues to product packaging: DTP services at INTERMUNDOS

Supported by the latest software solutions, we ensure that your layout remains true to form and that your text and imagery are displayed clearly side by side. If it doesn’t fit, we’ll bring it into line with a firm yet gentle hand. Here, we apply your German or English document as a template, whether it be product packaging, illustrated operating instructions or parts catalogues. We can send the foreign language versions directly to your printers if you so wish, in final typeset form and pre-pressed.

Do you have a project you need translated directly into its exact layout? Contact our experts to receive a personal quote.