Whatever your translation needs, you’re in good hands with us. Since 1997, INTERMUNDOS translation agency has been delivering first-class quality for its clients in more than 40 languages. Are you looking to translate a technical handbook, contracts, consolidated balance sheets or a medical package insert? Maybe you need to translate your next press release, or your customer or employee magazine? We’ll find the right words for you every time – and what’s more, the quality of our translations is certified.

Our experienced project managers are here to support you throughout the process. From project analysis to quotation and ordering processes to quality reviewing and delivery that is always on time, you can be sure that you will receive exactly what you need and more from us. Over the years, INTERMUNDOS has adapted to the needs of the market and its clients time and time again. We go where our clients need us: we’ve had locations in Beijing and Leipzig. We currently have a specialist location for legal translations: our Cologne branch.

Our translators, both in-house and around the world, are united by a love of language. Day in, day out, they prove their linguistic and professional skills and their sense of cultural nuance over and over again. They all believe that they are here to build bridges between different cultures. Our translators, proofreaders and project managers are supported by the latest technology, which is indispensable, particularly for demanding specialist translations.

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Company history


Once upon a time in a living room…

In 1991, Amir Hashemi started translating German texts into Persian, inspired by his love for language. As this combination was rare on the German market, more and more of his clients started requesting technical translations in other (for Germany) unusual languages such as Chinese or Japanese.


Founding the agency

Due to the increase in demand and the need for qualitatively skilled translators for these languages, the company INTERMUNDOS was founded in 1997. With a new office space, located in Bochum, close to the university, and new employees in project management, the course for the future was set. The internet hadn’t yet taken off, so most translations were received via post or by fax.


A new corporate form

INTERMUNDOS continued to grow. At this point, the agency was being called in to supply many well-known clients in industry and commerce, alongside supporting many fellow agencies for their Asian language needs. Therefore, the company became a limited liability company (GmbH), with founder Amir Hashemi at its helm.


Establishing a presence in China

INTERMUNDOS is considered a specialist in Asian languages, and this sets it apart from its fellow translation agencies. In order to meet the increase in demand, which was heavily centred around Chinese translations, INTERMUNDOS expanded into the Asian market and founded INTERMUNDOS Beijing Ltd, its own branch in China. This united specialist Chinese translators with German project management and enabled us to offer high-quality translations at an unbeatable price.


The Leipzig branch

A helping hand just around the corner: to better cover the needs of its clients throughout Germany, INTERMUNDOS established an office in Leipzig. Technical translations for the manufacturing industry, in particular, were delivered from here. The Leipzig office looked after clients in East and Central Germany for three years, until the business was bundled together again in Bochum in 2013. Now, some of the most significant automotive suppliers in Germany are clients of INTERMUNDOS.


Building a science and technology portfolio

INTERMUNDOS took over the business of SciTech GmbH in 2016, a specialist agency with a focus on technical, medical and scientific translations. A few years previously, INTERMUNDOS had started to bloom: it grew from a niche provider for Asian languages to a comprehensive agency for global translation services. By taking over SciTech, INTERMUNDOS continued its growth. At this point, INTERMUNDOS also began supplying large companies from the aviation and aerospace industry and the German trade fair market.


From niche provider to full-service agency

The markets are always changing, and INTERMUNDOS keeps pace and changes with them. Due to the drop in agency demand for Chinese translations, operations at the Beijing branch ceased at the start of the year. Instead, INTERMUNDOS concentrated on European languages and expanding its specialist sectors: In January 2020, INTERMUNDOS took over the Rigters translation agency in Duisburg. Six months later, we also bought out the renowned Cologne agency n-RW Fachübersetzungen, which specialises in the legal and commercial sectors. The Cologne office has become the INTERMUNDOS branch and specialist centre for legal and commercial translations. Large international legal firms, accounting firms and auditing companies are supplied with expert translations from this location.