Experts in Asian language translation

From China and Japan to Korea to the Arabic-speaking countries: The markets in the Middle and Far East are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, a multitude of well-known companies and translation agencies have been relying on INTERMUNDOS’ certified expertise in Asian languages for over 20 years.

Your network in the Middle and Far East

Do you need your machine software translated into Chinese? Maybe a manual in Arabic? Or a specification in Thai? You’ve come to the right place. Technical translation in Asian languages forms the core of INTERMUNDOS’ expertise. Thanks to many years of experience in a wide variety of markets, and having held an office in Beijing for a long period of time, we have built up an extensive network of technical translators. Work with these specialists in the relevant target countries is coordinated by our centralised project management team in Germany. Extensive technical documentation can thus be translated quickly and professionally, at a price that can’t be beaten in Europe.

From Chinese and Japanese to Arabic and Persian to languages such as Hebrew, Hindi and Thai, which can prove tough to source: INTERMUNDOS also supports you in reworking existing layouts to include non-Latin script languages and different reading directions. With INTERMUNDOS, you won’t just have a winning hand for the Asian market; you’ll also be equipped with excellent manuals, specifications, brochures, contracts and anything else you might need.

Specialist areas for Asian translations

Make the most of our many years of expertise and our comprehensive network of resources in the target country. INTERMUNDOS can provide Asian translations for the following specialist sectors:

A list of all of the Asian languages that INTERMUNDOS offers can be found here.